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Q1. Who is the organiser of this programme?

Happiness Initiative is a social enterprise that aims to build a flourishing society with evidence-based interventions through our products and programmes. We endeavour to make Well-Being Skills accessible to everyone, and in doing so help people live a more fulfilling life.


We focus on three areas:

1. Raising awareness on the science of well-being

2. Translating research into application

3. Building a community of well-being advocates

Q2. Can I apply as a participant for this programme with my friends?

Yes, however, you might not be able to group together with your friends as participants. You will be randomly assigned to one group and will be informed of your group number.

Q3. Do I have to pay to join the programme as a participant?

Yes. This well-being programme operates on a “pay as you wish model”. This nominal fee offsets a small fraction of the cost that makes this programme possible and also seeks to instil a sense of commitment so that the slot will not be wasted. It is recommended that a minimum amount of "pay as you wish" should be $50. Feel free to indicate in the registration form, if you cannot fulfil the minimum amount. 

Q4. If I am not a Singaporean, can I join this programme? 

Yes, this programme is open to all Singaporeans, PR and also non-Singaporean.  All participants will have to commit to the entire duration they signed up for.

Q5. There is one date that I cannot make it to - can I still join the programme?

Yes, you will be able to join the programme and you will still be eligible for a certificate if you complete at least 80% of the programme. However, as each session focuses on a unique Well-Being Skill, you should try your best to go through the journal for the session that you have missed.


Q6. Will I still receive the certificate If I only attended half of the programme?

No, unfortunately the certification and verification on LinkedIn will only be given to leaders and participants who complete at least 80% of the entire programme.


Q7. How is this different from visiting a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist? 

Our programme is NOT a therapy session. If you are currently experiencing a mental health condition, please seek professional help.


Instead, this programme aims to impart Well-Being Skills to bring about positive Well-Being Outcomes. This is facilitated through personal sharing in a group setting of up to 5 participants and 2 leaders.


Please refer to the Themes and Skills covered in the About section.

Q8. What is the duration of the programme?

The WBC is delivered through 8 sessions across 2 months. Each session is 2 hours long.









Well-Being Skills Learning & Sharing - 8 Sessions (2 months)

Q9. Where will the sessions be held?

It will be held at the fun Mindcafe on Saturday mornings.

Q10. Do I have to bring anything for the sessions?

You will only have to bring some writing materials - as well as an open heart and mind. :)

Q11. After I have completed the programme as a participant, can I apply as a Well-Being Leader in the future?

Yes. After your completion of the programme as a participant with at least 80% attendance, you can inform us about your interest and we’ll put you inside the list of facilitators


Q12. If I’m a Well-Being Leader in a previous wave, can I volunteer for subsequent waves as well?

Yes. After your completion of the programme as a WBL with at least 80% attendance, you can inform us about your interest and we’ll do our best to accommodate (subject to availability).

Q13. I have more questions, where can I find out more about WBC?

Download our factsheet here. 

"When well-being comes from engaging our strengths and virtues, our lives are imbued with authenticity."

- Martin P. Seligman

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